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Task Analytics measures how our digital services perform. We invite colleagues across the organization to see for themselves.
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With a shared understanding of what matters most to our users, we can skip lengthy discussions and let the evidence speak for itself.

Task Analytics is for everyone who wants to find out

  • Who are your actual visitors?
  • Why do they visit your website?
  • Could they complete the task they came for?
  • Why do some users fail to complete their task?

This is how it works

1. Capture
A customized survey intercepts users entering your website and asks questions at the end of their visit.

A non-intrusive on-site survey solution

2. Identify
Discover what tasks people visit your site to accomplish.

A non-intrusive on-site survey solution

Task Analytics captures customer intent, why people visit your site. It also calculates top tasks, what matters most to your users.

3. Measure
See if your website helped them complete their task.

A non-intrusive on-site survey solution

4. Compare
Learn who your audience (really) is and how successful they are.

A non-intrusive on-site survey solution

5. Drill down
Look at specific tasks. Why some users succeed and others fail.

A non-intrusive on-site survey solution
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