Create, shape, and impact your customer's online experience

Traditional website analytics tools only measure human behavior, essentially what your customer did, or is doing, on your site. Task Analytics enables you to see the human side of analytics. Why they did it. Knowing why a person visits your website allows you to make an estimate as to whether they are on the right track to complete their intended task.

This goes well beyond simply analyzing conversion events like e-commerce transactions, sign-ups and form submits... we're talking about providing insights into those micro-moments and micro-journeys that delivers actionable, human insights that help create, shape, and impact your customer's online experience.

A non-intrusive on-site survey solution Non-intrusive on-site survey solution

Design your own survey

A non-intrusive survey solution

Deploy our multilingual, non-intrusive pop-up survey on your website. Start inviting small percentages of visitors to participate, on a continuous basis. Our survey tracks data point across the entire session and uses the survey responses as the context to save all data points.

You're able to create custom surveys by adding your own questions, collect open-ended answers and use question logic.

Find out what matters most to your customers Find out what customers find important

Find out what matters most to your customers

Customer Task Identification

Task Analytics helps you to identify the top tasks of your customer. This is a data-driven approach, tried and trusted by NetApp, Microsoft and Google Search, that helps you to identify the things the matter most, and the things that matter least to visitors.

Know what matters most to your customers and what needs your attention. Get a shared understanding about the user experience.

Measure success rates & completion time for every task Measure success rates & completion time for every task

Capture success and failure per task

Insights into Task Performance

Measure success rates and completion times for your customer's top task. You'll be able to see whether visitors are able to complete the task and how long it is taking.

The essential question Task Analytics seeks to address is: How quickly and easily are visitors able to complete their tasks?

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Find out why user's couldn't complete their task Find out why user's couldn't complete their task

Get insights on individual task level

Get relevant data per task

Look at the user experience per individual task on your website by looking at success scores, most visited pages and flow, potential pain point and open-ended questions.

Use filters to quickly and easily examine your data. You'lll be able to slice and dice the data and look at specific segments, time periods, and more.

Keep track of your user experience over time Keep track of your user experience over time

Provide insights in performance over time

Ongoing management model

You can track the performance of customers over time, making improvements and seeing how the score changes. You'll be able to compare performance between segments, audiences and device type.

If you make improvements to your website, these improvements will show up as higher success rates and lower task times.

We use Task Analytics to take the temperature on how our digital services perform, and invite colleagues across the organization into the dashboard to see for themselves.

Torstein Aas-Hansen, Digital Editor In Chief - Gjensidige Insurance Norway
Fjord Norway: A customer of Task Analytics

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