Discovering seasonal trends in customer demand

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Discovering seasonal trends in customer demand - Task Analytics

Fjord Norge AS/Fjord Norway is the official tourist board of Western Norway. They are responsible for the region’s international marketing, organizing trips for press and conveying information from the Fjord Norway region to tour operators, media and consumers worldwide.

What was the client's problem?

Within the tourist board there were differing opinions about what type of content to prioritize on the website, since every region in Western Norway wanted to be in the spotlight.

Overall, the client needed a better understanding as to what visitors were looking for: practical information, or more editorial, marketing-focused content? The team hoped to come to a shared understanding of how their users experienced the website.

How did Task Analytics help solve it?

Task Analytics introduced the Task Completion Rate as a website-specific Key Performance Indicator, identified the most important tasks on the site, and differentiated between the needs of specific audience segments—defined as inspirational, practical and transactional.

Fjord Norway's website
Website of Fjord Norway:
Different types of information
Inspirational & practical information for a visit

What did the client discover?

The data uncovered three major audience segments:

  1. I'm considering going on vacation
  2. I know when I'm going to visit
  3. I'm currently in Western Norway

Each segment was associated with different season-specific demands. In the months prior to a visit, visitors were looking for inspirational content—marketing material that could help them decide what they wanted to do and see. During the visit it shifted towards practical information, like opening hours and transportation options.

The website, however, was primarily inspirational, showcasing the beauty of Western Norway in written content and photography. That meant that during vacation season, the task completion rate dropped by 50%. The website simply didn’t contain enough of the practical information tourists needed during their holidays.

What was the outcome?

  • The tourist board came to a newfound consensus about what kinds of content to include, from all the regions of Western Norway.
  • They made Task Completion Rate a critical new Key Performance Indicator.
  • They gained a better understanding of the audience different segments, and their specific needs at different points in their customer journey.
  • They developed new and valuable insights into how demand for information (inspirational, practical or transactional) changed during that journey.

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