Task Analytics helps you to monitor & optimize your online user experience on a on-going basis.

Pop-up Invitation

Pop-up Invitation

A multilingual, non-intrusive pop-up survey on your website to monitor task performance on a continuous basis.
Preview an example of the survey or see a live version.

Fully responsive pop-up survey
Customize the Look & Feel
Change fonts & colours to match your organization's identity More
Manage texts
Use your own words to personalize your invitation
On-going measurement
Set invitation percentage and decide for yourself how many participants will be invited
Define Trigger URL's
Define on which pages to show the pop-up invitation More
Define Exclude URL's
Exclude certain URL's from showing the invitation More
Set Exclusion Days
Set the number of days the visitors isn't invited after interacting More
Survey Design

Survey Design

Our what-you-see-is-what-you-get survey editor allows you to set up your own survey in minutes.

Predefined Surveys
Ready-to-go survey templates
Make multiple Surveys
Havemultiple surveys, each designed for a specific goal
Question Validation
Make questions optional or required
Question Randomization
Automatically randomize the answer options to prevent bias.
Add a "Other" Textbox
Add an other textbox associated with an question
Add Question Logic
Ask specific questions based on previous answers given
Select your question type
Add single choice or free text questions
Add your own questions
Choose from a library or add your own questions.
Add texts & links
Add links to invite respondents to, for example, sign up for usability testing or redirect them to a online form. More

See how it look like on your website

* The live demo uses an iframe and it's possible your website doesn't allow iframing. You can try a different URL, e.g. Task Analytics website.


The award-winning dashboard allows you to see the current state of affairs at a glance, making it easy to interpret for every employee in your organization.

Core UX metrics
All task-related UX metrics presented in one overview
Filter on answers, URL or device type
Task Comparison
Compare the outcomes of different Task Metrics
Time Comparison
Compare Task Demand and Task Metrics over time.
Segment your data based on answers given by participants
Make Custom Reports
Create custom reports based on segments & filters
Free-text analysis
View individual free text responses for each user task and outcome.


Make user experience a focal point within your organization. Show colleagues the user experience on a daily basis.

User Access
Unlimited number of users within your organization
Access Levels
Give users access to one survey or all surveys, with editing, admin or viewing rights
Add external users
Add external consultants and agencies to access your dashboards and reports


Share the data with extenal tools in your marketing stack to add context to existing data, allowing you to create in-depth analysis, get better insights and save time.

Data Export
Export your data (csv/Excel) for easy analyzing and reporting
Integrate with 3rd party tools
Link Task Analytics to Google Analytics, Hotjar and more...

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