Task Analytics is GDPR compliant

Task Analytics is explicitly compliant with GDPR.

We strive to maintain the highest level of information security awareness and compliance in our product and infrastructure, as well as in our daily work activities. As a result, we have been able to meet the security requirements of Fortune 100 companies and deploy Task Analytics sitewide.

Our privacy policy has been revised according to GDPR requirements, and clearly explains the information we collect, why and how it is collected, other parties involved, and the rights of the individual user. All data is processed within the framework of the users consent, as each user is presented with a clear opportunity to consent or deny taking a survey.

Data processing

When consent is obtained, the data is processed in accordance with the purposes and to the extent defined in the declaration of consent. Users have the ability to revoke their consent at any time during the experience, which will take effect immediately and remain through future visits as well. Consent to data collected by cookies is considered provided by the user through the settings of their internet browser, from which they can adjust the cookies they wish to consent to.

Some data collected via our application may include personal data such as user device data, but this data is processed and stored separately from individual user responses, as we are careful to handle PII in full compliance. Further controls are available to the survey creator, in order to limit the amount and type of data that is processed by the application.

We provide customers with the option to sign a Data Processing Agreement.

For more detail, please see our Privacy Policy.