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Get the tools you need to land more strategic deals, boost client satisfaction and build long-term client relationships.

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Measuring the user experience in real time
There's no shortage of analytics tools out there to capture user behavior, but what about measuring the user experience? Task Analytics allows you to monitor the health of your user experience in real time. Task Analytics tells you why customers visit the client’s website and if they able to complete their task.

As you discover the percentage of customers able to achieve what they intended, or the completion rate, you’ll gain insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) across the client’s entire site that will help differentiate your agency from your competitors.

With Task Analytics we are essentially getting paid to sell. And sell more strategic deals at a higher level at the account.

Ove Dalen, Chief Client Officer & Strategic Advisor - Netlife Design

Benefits for Agencies

When you partner with Task Analytics, you’ll have the tools you need to land more strategic deals, boost client satisfaction and build long-term client relationships.

Deliver a Better UX
Deliver a Better UX

Instead of relying on usability testing, your user UX designers can make decisions backed by proven data. And, your content team will know exactly which content to write by consulting real user feedback.

Expand Revenue Opportunities
Expand Revenue Opportunities

Reveal top customer intent-driven goals to execute the priority actions that will result in higher conversions and revenue stream.

Show Clients your Value
Show Clients your Value

By integrating Task Analytics into your overall strategy, you give your clients something that no one else can – the ability to measure website quality. You’ll also be able to quantify your value proposition by comparing completion rates before and after the redesign.

Develop Long-Term Relationships
Develop Long-Term Relationships

Beyond improving client satisfaction, Task Analytics helps you build lasting relationships with clients to improve profit margins and revenue, reduce customer churn, acquire longer-term contracts and gain access to decision makers in each account’s executive suite.

The result of using Task Analytics is that we hit the mark with much greater accuracy when crafting new web-design solutions.

Jostein Magnussen, Co-founder and Business Developer - Netlife Design

How to get started with Task Analytics

Continually capture user intent

With intent analytics, your team will have everything they need to deliver real results for your clients.

The process is broken down into two parts:

  • The Task Workshop
    Meet with the client to develop questions for their survey. This 4-6 hour workshop is billed and delivered by your agency.

  • The Action Workshop
    Run Task Analytics, present the data, highlight how you intend to improve the company’s website and attain a statement of work (SOW).
Deliver Real Results on-going

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