Team alignment on Customer Experience

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Team alignment on Customer Experience with Task Analytics

The client is an alliance between local banks throughout Norway, designed to supply competitive financial products and services. This allows small, local banks to take advantage of economies of scale, without sacrificing their distinct community connections. The client works across insurance, savings, pension, finance, payment cards and real estate broker services.

What was the problem?

The digital team had two main issues to solve:

  • Large quantities of behavioural data from web analytics tools, but needed actionable insights about their customers’ satisfaction with the site experience.
  • The need for a tool that could display that online customer experience to every department. Many employees were working in silos, disconnected from the big-picture challenges their work was intended to solve. The client needed to bring everyone together with a common understanding of UX problems and solutions.

The team decided to run and test Task Analytics on three of their sites, covering two banks and their main corporate site.

How did Task Analytics help solve it?

Task Analytics measured the Task Completion Rate of visitors on a daily basis, building awareness of the most common visitor tasks. With the Task Completion Rate, the client gained a specific and actionable KPI that was easy to grasp and explain to everyone across the organization.

The award- winning Task Analytics dashboard made sharing insights with employees from all business units a breeze, and employees felt motivated to visit the dashboard frequently to see if changes had a positive effect on task completion. The dashboard displayed visitor intent and task completion metrics, as well as in-depth qualitative feedback.

What did the client discover?

The client discovered that content intended to help visitors with specific tasks (logging in, for example) was ineffective, simply because customers could not find the content. 96% of those looking for log-in help couldn’t find it.

Examining this content in detail showed it was a lengthy document with lots to read - especially for users with a mobile device. Conclusion was that both the content itself and the ease of navigation needed to improve.

What was the outcome?

The client digital team was able to pivot from guesswork to hard facts about their users’ online experience, and just as importantly, were able to align the entire organization around that data. They now had a big-picture view of user experience, on a simple platform that continuously monitored user experience to ensure published content worked as it should.

The team also realized that the highly siloed nature of the organization was part of the reason they had difficulty focusing on customer needs. Even if everyone did their job properly, their efforts weren’t aligned if they didn’t have the same customer experience in mind. Now they could work as one team across roles and departments.

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