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You have the budget. Fix it! - Task Analytics

A major grocery-store chain with an expansive product portfolio. A cornerstone of its business is a loyalty program granting benefits to the 1.6 million members who earn rewards for shopping at its stores. The company is a cooperative, and this long-term relationship-building is in line with its business model and values.

What was the problem?

The company engaged Task Analytics to provide data on user experience as it prepared a major site redesign. The site takes care of a wide range of user tasks, but here we’ll zoom in on just one, which they had difficulties with: signing up new members.

The growth in sign-ups was stable, but the digital team suspected they were losing out on potential new sign-ups thanks to an obsolete user experience, and hiccups in the sign-up process. But without hard evidence, it was a difficult case to make internally. They needed two things:

  1. To prove or disprove their hypothesis that the user interface was preventing sign-ups.
  2. To get plain, understandable metrics about their site’s user experience that they could share with senior management (i.e., avoiding web analytics jargon).
Coop's website
Coop's website
Coop Supermarket
Coop supermarket

How did Task Analytics help solve it?

The company’s digital partner agency suggested measuring user experience with Task Analytics. When a survey was deployed to measure user experience and identify top tasks, the digital team paid close attention to one particular task: “become a member.”

What did the client discover?

The “become a member” task had a completion rate of only 40%. The majority of users who began the sign-up process never finished. The free text comments gave the team deeper insights into what caused this high number of failures, which were related to technical issues and incomplete information

What was the outcome?

The digital team had real customer feedback to prove their hypothesis. The reaction from senior management was swift and immediate: “Fix it, you have the budget!”.

That allowed the team to prioritize, invest time and get help from an external agency. After redesign, the completion rate for the “become a member” task increased considerably - it nearly doubled at one point of time.

Rather than draw uncertain conclusions from vague analytics metrics, task completion became a Key Performance Indicator. That made it easy to prioritize the digital team’s to-do list.

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