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Awesome site design, now with better metrics - Task Analytics

Hurtigruten is a world leader in exploration travel, offering expedition cruises in Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Alaska, the Northwest Passage and more. Its best-known routes are along Norway’s signature western and northern coastlines, between the cities of Bergen and Kirkenes.

What was the client's problem?

Hurtigruten had just undertaken a major website redesign. The site looked great, but employees still sensed that their visitors had problems. The agency involved in the redesign had not spent much time on customer experience, so employees weren’t really sure if it was meeting customers’ needs.

"Difficult webpages that seem to be undone."
Anonymous user feedback

Hurtigruten decided to perform a health check to determine if the site was as functional as it was attractive. Digital agency Netlife Design advised them to deploy Task Analytics.

How did Task Analytics help solve it?

Netlife used Task Analytics to analyze the customer experience by measuring the demand, completion rate and qualitative feedback for all relevant user tasks. Just two weeks into measuring the site, Netlife had enough data to begin improving it.

Website of Hurtugruten
Website of Hurtigruten:
Optimized funnel for buying tickets online
Optimized funnel for buying tickets online

What did the client discover?

The results confirmed their suspicions: the newly redesigned website had a poor completion rate of user tasks.

"Menu options are way too difficult"
Anonymous user feedback

The two most important user tasks were “check prices” and "buy tickets", and their completion rates were below 50%. Qualitative user comments shed more light on that quantitative data, illustrating that the site’s flashy appearance wasn’t masking poor navigation and hard-to- access content:

"Feels hard to use the site. And payment is impossible."
Anonymous user feedback

What was the outcome?

Armed with the new insights, Netlife focused on the critical tasks. The flaws were cheap and easy to fix, but without Task Analytics data, would have taken much longer to discover, if ever. Netlife measured user experience with Task Analytics after completing the redesign, which proved there was a positive effect.

The project was the start of a long-term working relationship between Hurtigruten and Netlife, who can now use Task Completion Rate as a simple KPI to continually measure and improve customer experience.

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