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A digital agency story - Task Analytics

Founded in 2000, Netlife is one of Norway's leading digital-design agencies, creating websites and mobile apps for national and international clients. The company takes pride in going the extra mile to truly understand their clients' user-experience needs, and devising data-driven usability and UX solutions.

What was the client's problem?

Netlife often found itself in the middle of internal client disputes when trying to diagnose website problems. Often, these debates were focused on a simple question: what are the most important tasks visitors want to accomplish? Their clients' employees had to interpret the metrics at hand— click-through, bounce rates, etc.—to figure out what users wanted, which often resulted in very different conclusions. It was often impossible to arrive at a consensus about what was wrong and how to fix it.

Netlife needed clearer, more actionable metrics.

How did Task Analytics help solve it?

Task Analytics has helped Netlife introduce a new key performance indicator to their clients: the Task Completion Rate. By introducing short, unobtrusive, intent-based surveys on clients’ sites, they could identify users’ main tasks, and compare users’ journeys through the site to their stated goal.

This has enabled Netlife to segment a site visitors by task, and by their success at completing that task—a powerful tool to qualify their work, prove the value of their work and build a strategic relationship with their clients.

What did the client discover?

Netlife has uncovered UX issues their clients had never thought about. They have also been able to prove and disprove hypotheses, and settle debates about what exactly was leading users astray on client websites.

What was the outcome?

Using Task Analytics, Netlife can turn around redesigns faster, and make tweaks nearly in real-time. Rather than make a best guess at a design fix, then wait to see if the metrics show improvement, they can make fixes based on clearly defined tasks, and almost immediately determine if Task Completion Rates are changing.

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