Know what your customers are looking for. Then help them find the right information, faster!

security corporation international

Know what your customers are looking for. Then help them find the right information, faster! - Task Analytics

A major European security and alarm company, delivering safety solutions to 500,000 homeowners and small businesses across Europe. This includes state-of-the-art alarm systems, wireless alarm components and remote alarm centers.

What was the problem?

In order to reduce call volumes to their call center, the company wanted to help customers and prospects find more information online. The company launched a new website with a list of frequently asked questions covering more than 50 topics.

How did Task Analytics help solve it?

The information that prospects and existing customers were looking for was very different: prospects wanted prices, product features and reviews. Existing customers were looking for installation guidelines, troubleshooting and updates.

Task Analytics segmented these very different audiences in order to analyze their respective customer journeys. The results revealed an issue in the site navigation, with many existing customers visiting the “Technical support” page, and not the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

What did the client do?

Task Analytics discovered that the majority of existing customers wanted information on a handful of problems, especially how to change batteries in their wireless alarm sensors. Task Analytics’ open-ended survey answers made clear why visitors were unsuccessful: broken links and incomplete information that left visitors with no other option than to call customer support.

The company can now restructure its support section based on the most searched-for tasks, using keywords and phrases that are most often used by customers.

What was the outcome?

The integration of the FAQ and technical support pages, and a better categorization, can help existing customers with finding the right information much faster. Implementing these changes will allow the company to reduce inbound calls significantly.

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