Make sense of your visitor's screen recordings

Hotjar Integration Brief

You can look at videos all day long without getting actionable insights. Without knowing your customer's intent, it's difficult to interpret the actions they take.

Integrating with Task Analytics let's you tag each of your recordings with the intent an outcome of the customer visit, so you can pinpoint the videos that matter and understand the users actions in context.

Integrating with Task Analytics takes the guesswork out of analyzing your screen recordings. It gives you clear, actionable, powerful human insights that provide the benefits of in-depth usability testing, at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of this integration

  • Automatically tag each video with a user task
    Knowing why a user visits your site gives you context when analyzing their actions.
  • Pinpoint trouble spots and compare task-completion in videos
    Know whether the user was successful in their visit or not.
  • Review videos faster
    Tag, Filter and Prioritize your viewing based on intent and completion rates.
Integration of Task Analytics with Hotjar
Under construction - needs optimization