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The Value of Customer Feedback Depends on the Tools You Use

The difference between Hotjar Surveys and Task Analytics.

Interview with Jennifer Marki, Digital Channels at Eidsiva Energy.

Eidsiva Energi is a Norwegian energy supplier that sells electricity to homes and businesses in Norway. Their website is critical, both for acquiring new customers and reducing business costs by allowing customers to find information and manage their accounts themselves. Eidsiva Energi wanted to measure how people were experiencing its website, and what improvements should be made. In 2018 they first used Hotjar, then Task Analytics. Here’s what they say about each tool.

What was the problem you wanted Hotjar to solve for you?

We wanted to know if there was something people couldn’t find on our website. Specifically, we knew our customers didn’t always know where to navigate to find information about power outages, and the distinction between a power supplier (Eidsiva Energi) and the power grid company (Eidsiva Nett). Many customers are unsure which of these companies to contact when there is a power outage. We installed Hotjar on each company’s website, to learn if customers could navigate to the right place, and if they found our website easy to use.

(TA) Did you use Hotjar’s survey or feedback widget?

Yes, we used Hotjar’s feedback widget, as well as heatmaps.

How many responses did you collect with Hotjar and Task Analytics?

We had Hotjar’s feedback widget on all our sites for about 10 months. It gave us around 80 responses over that time, with our traffic being 1000-2000 visitors per day. Task Analytics gave us 350 responses in the first month.

What did you do with the results Hotjar gave you?

We did continuous improvement and small changes. When we saw that our customers had specific problems, we made some changes to make it easier to find that information. We used the results for some concrete content, such as making the right contact information more accessible, having information about power interruptions and better links to a form many customers requested.

How would you compare Hotjar’s and Task Analytics’ customer feedback?
After using Task Analytics, we didn’t see the benefits of using the Hotjar feedback widget anymore. Task Analytics gave much more relevant and specific feedback. With Task Analytics we could work with specific user tasks that are more categorized. With Hotjar you get a screenshot of the page the customer was on, and a happy or angry smiley. We usually didn't understand why a user was happy or angry, though sometimes the smiley came with a comment too.

What were the comments in Hotjar like?
Very varied. Some people thought our prices were too high, but it had nothing to do with the website itself. Others wrote that it was difficult to navigate or find information. For us, it was difficult to understand specifically what the user thought was good or bad. Maybe they gave us an angry smiley because they thought our prices were too high, not because of a problem with the website.

What was your impression of Task Analytics?

It was very good and I was surprised by the response rate and the quality of the comments that came in. We collected more than 350 responses in the first month, and it was nice to work with a focus on user tasks, and getting to know which ones were most important to our customers. It was also valuable to measure how many were successful in completing a task, or not. The fact that you also have an integration with Google Analytics is absolutely fantastic, since we use Google Analytics on our reporting.

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